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Petty motivatition

We’re all motivated by different things.

I’ve learned to allow rejection to motivate me.

Whenever I pitch for a project and get rejected, I sometimes like it. Because I say to myself :

  • “If I end up at one of your competitors I’m going to do everything I can to erode your market share.”

  • “The copy I write is going to be so good at my next project, you’re going to headhunt me, and I’m going to say no unless you agree to 25% increase in price.”

  • “I’m going to create such memorable copy that your colleagues will question your competence when they find out you had the chance to hire me and passed.”

Petty? Yeah, you could say that, but it helps me to stay positive during negative periods.

The “you’ll regret this” mindset helps me to channel positive energy into being a better writer. I’m a believer of whatever works for you works, to an extent of course.

This has happened once already, a potential client initially turned me down, the copywriter they used was terrible and they ended up coming back to me with an offer, which I rejected, not because I was being petty, I ended up getting some new projects and didn’t have time. It was a satisfying feeling though, they even agreed to the price increase!

I’ve had more rejections than Drake has hit singles, but I’ve still managed to get this far with this mindset. I’ve written some of my best copy just after a rejection.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about hiring me, please do, because:

  • I’m dying to prove you right

  • I’m dying to prove others wrong

  • I always need to prove to myself that I’m good at what I do (even though I know)

What motivates you?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time.


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