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Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

The world’s local bank got in some international hot water with its latest advert.

Among the accusations they’ve had thrown at them is being anti Brexit.

First off, I didn’t know that being either pro or anti Brexit was an objectively bad thing. Secondly, what did everyone expect? Isn’t this how they’ve always been?

The only reason this made any noise is the timing. They’ve always pushed the interconnection, borderless narrative for as long as I can remember - and been a customer.

This isn’t anything new, and what they’re saying isn’t wrong in my opinion isn’t wrong, the UK theoretically isn’t an island. It needs other countries to function the way it does.

There has been a rise in anti-immigration rhetoric in some parts of the country but they’ve, in my opinion, reminded some people that to live in complete isolation would probably be a bad idea.

HSBC stands for Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation its roots are in Hong Kong, but its HQ is in London. But some people get mad because they celebrate interconnectivity?

So they’re supposed to change their whole narrative because of the current zeitgeist?

Well, they can, but it that doesn’t guarantee it will have the desired effect, just ask Gillette.

Stand your ground or tweak your message, neither tactic is wrong, just make sure you get your execution right.

From a purely advertising perspective I think it’s good work, although I’d like to see how it would play out in video form.

I like it, and if it’s anti Brexit to some so be it, you can’t please everyone, bravo HSBC. Now if you could just improve your online banking experience that would be great.

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