Asher Writes


Trusting the process


The NBA team the Philadelphia Sixers has a motto Trust the Process. 

I can relate to this a lot. Sometimes when I speak to a new client and I find an industry that I had no idea existed or didn't know much about, 5% of me thinks " How am I going to write this?" 

But the other 95% says quietly trust the process. This is referring to my process of learning about a new client and their previously unknown industry. 

Step 1: Stop panicking

Step 2: Think logically

Step 3: Do your homework

Step 4: Write

Step 5: Rewrite

Step 6: Rewrite

Step 6: Finish. 

Without this process I probably wouldn’t have had the diverse range of clients I’ve had. I can now have in depth conversations about:

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Feminism

  • Beauty products

  • Education policy

  • Employment policy

  • Healthcare

all because I trusted my process.

I think all professionals should figure out what their process is for learning new things, and stick to it. It can often take you places that you never thought possible.

Until next time,


Asher Harris