Asher Writes


Why business is personal to me

The phrase “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” doesn’t always apply.

I take my work personally, but in a positive way. 

If your business isn't performing well, your personal life will likely suffer.

If you lose a big client you may not be able to afford the lifestyle you previously had.

For each and every client I always do the utmost to exceed their expectations. Not just because I want to impress them and help them achieve their business goals, I also want to impress myself. Each piece of writing that I complete is an extension of myself, and I always want to look my best. 

I take business personally because it affects me personally, if I’m stuck on a client brief, I can become grumpy until I crack it. My friends don’t like me when I’m stuck on a client brief.

If my clients are happy then I’m happy, my friends like happy Asher a lot more.

I think to myself “Someone has entrusted you with an important part of their business, get it right Asher.” each time I secure a new client. 

What I never take personally is criticism of my work. I welcome it because that’s one way of learning and becoming a better writer. 

I think of each brief as instructions of how to look after a baby (The business’s tone of voice/marketing materials) and my clients as the parents that have dropped him/her off at nursery (my office)

Ever been a looked after someone else’s child before? That’s how I feel with each of my clients businesses. I have to look after it, and hand he/she back over to the parents in better condition than how they left it.

I have to make sure I only give it the food and drink that it’s supposed to have (Correct tone of voice)

I have to prepare it for the people it’s going to be around in the future (The target audience) 

I have to ensure that it’s suited to the environment it will be in when it returns to its parents (The placement of the billboard, website, flyer etc.)  

You may think that the child/brand metaphor is odd but brands are in a sense living and breathing entities that grow and evolve over time, so like a child it needs to be looked after and neutered.

Is business personal to you too?

Until next time,


Asher Harris