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Lesson from a copywriter Part 2


Lesson 6  - The environment you work in is crucial. 

I love, no scrap that, need the freedom to choose my own working environment.

I loathe having to walk into the same office five days a week, I've done that in previous jobs and it's just not for me. 

My working environment has a direct effect on the quality of my work. I work better when I can choose where I write. Whether that is in We Work, Uncommon, Google Campus or sometime a quaint coffee shop. 

Lesson 7 - Reading is just as important as writing.

I write a lot of course, but I also read a lot, my Amazon wish list is more clogged than the Blackwall Tunnel at rush hour. I'm rapidly running out of space on my bookshelf (praise be to the Kindle) 

What do I read? Anything that will help me write better whether that is Read Me: 10 Lessons for Writing Great Copy by Gyles Lingwood and Roger Horberry or Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield. Books give me new perspectives on people and life, which is vital when I'm writing copy for someone I've never actually met. 

Lesson 8 - Don't forget about your body. 

My mind works out every day, and I never neglect my body. I've never gone to the gym and felt worse afterwards, ever. Exhausted? Yes. Questioning why I put myself through such a gruelling workout? Always. But I always feel psychologically better when I leave than when I arrived. 

Regular exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body. If I don't work out for more than 3 days my writing begins to suffer.  

Monday- Friday when I do most of my work I follow a strict diet of:

Breakfast: Muesli/Wholewheat cereal, orange juice/herbal tea, Organic & Peanut butter sandwiches/Scrambled egg sandwiches. 

Snacks: 1 pear, 1 Apple, 1 banana, 1 plum. Mixed nuts, raisins and pumpkin seeds, water/black coffee. 

Dinner: Quinoa/Brown rice, vegetables, with either baked chicken or fish. 

This helps fuel me throughout the day and keeps me in good physical and mental shape. On the weekends I scrap this and eat whatever I want. Why do I do this? Because I catch up with friends and not to be the guy that makes everyone frustrated because he keeps rejecting restaurants due to dietary requirements. I'm not a professional athlete, I don't need to go extremes. Although I may be more strict when I hit 30…

Lesson 9 - Be prepared to become a consultant

For all my clients I go beyond the role of a copywriter if they need me too.

I may (temporarily) become their art director, marketing strategist or even brand consultant I don't charge extra for this by the way.  My background in Marketing & Advertising means I know what I'm talking about and I enjoy this part of my job almost as much as writing, it's often all connected. I find that this makes them happier, they expect a copywriter but end up getting a one-man digital/creative agency. 

Lesson 10 - Become more flexible than an Olympic gymnast

Every week I have a schedule in my head that I'd like to follow, but this rarely happens. All of my clients have a different schedule that I have to adapt to. I work with a lot of founders and they have insane schedules so I work around them as much as I can. For example, I may use my client's workspace instead of my own and work later or earlier than usual. 

For me, client happiness is paramount, so I do whatever I can to make them happy if that means 7 pm meetings or working on weekends, so be it. 

Thanks for reading.

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