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What do copywriting and acting have in common?

Photo taken by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Photo taken by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

On the surface, these two things may seem about as close as Tokyo and London. However, I've found that they are actually about as far apart as France and Spain. 

Copywriting - writing to sell, educate or persuade. 

Acting - playing the role of someone else on stage or screen to entertain or educate. 

To write effective copy I have to:

Get into the mind of another person or group of people who are different to me. 

The same can be said for acting. Denzel Washington clearly isn't a corrupt police officer (Training Day) and whilst I'm a feminist, I'm not a female and I don't wear lingerie (Neon Moon)

To write compelling copy I immerse myself in the world of the person or group of people I'll be writing for.  I'm not on the level of Natalie Portman who trained with former New York City ballet dancer Mary Helen Bowers for eight hours a day, six days a week for a year prior to prepare for her role in Black Swan.

However, I did conduct multiple interviews with the staff of numerous skincare companies as well as asking customers what their skincare routine was before writing blog posts for Body & Sole. 


Similar to acting, when writing copy you have to build a person:

  • How would this person say hello?

  • How would they say goodbye?

  • What annoys them?

  • What makes them happy?

  • What would they never say?

  • What is important to them?

  • Spending time in China and going to a diverse university helped make it easier for me to become someone else because I've spent time with so many different people.

I'm not great in front of a camera but I thrive in front of a laptop screen or on a piece of paper. Ignoring advice from old friends to try my hand at acting was a great decision and one that my current and future clients are and will be grateful for!

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