Asher Writes

Making accounting easier with Xriba.

The client: Xriba , and Italian FinTech startup, on a mission is to revolutionise the way the world makes financial transactions.

The briefs: To write blog posts outlining the different ways the the blockchain and cryptocurrency is benefitting industries now and will do in the future. I was also tasked with writing a brochure for the Accounting & Finance Show in Singapore on the 16th October 2018.

My approach: I carried out comprehensive research into the world of cryptocurrency and how it could benefit different industries. I was essentially writing for people like myself, who weren’t familiar with cryptocurrency or the blockchain.

The outcome: They eventually decided to pull their investment in the UK, but they were happy with my work.

Blog Post

Blog Post

A blog post on why a company being fined $200,000 is great for cryptocurrencies.