Asher Writes

Treating skin, naturally, with Goodbutter.

The company: Good Butter, a natural skincare subscription startup. They use sustainably sourced natural products that treat a wide range of skin conditions.

The brief: To re-write all of their website copy. Their TOV is friendly, authoritative and informative. Their audience is mainly women, however I use their products and can confirm that they are amazing!

My process: I spoke at length the founder Julian about the type of wording he wanted on the site. I got a great overview of the brand from him. I then spoke to friends about what they would want from a skincare website, copy-wise. I also looked at similar companies such as gruum for inspiration. Once all my info had been analysed, I got to work writing, it took 5 drafts to fully complete it.

The outcome: Good Butter had a successful launch, receiving great feedback on their website. So far shipped over 1000 boxes to their customers.